Quantum Binary Signals Review

quantum binary signals logoAbout Quantum Binary Signals

Quantum Binary Signals is a binary options signals service that was setup by professional wealthy ex-hedge fund traders with more than 20 years of experience, using the best strategies known today.

Asset Types Traded

Signals covered by the Quantum Binary Signals service cover currencies, commodities and stock indices. Signals are not provided for stocks.

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How it Works

The trading signals are delivered to subscribers via SMS to their mobile phones. The trader is expected to provide his/her phone number (including the country code) so that signals can be received without delay. The phone information is to be supplied at the point of payment. Traders have a three-hour window to trade the signals that they have received, after which the signals expire and the trader is expected to wait for the next opportunity.


All the trader needs to do in order to profit from the market with the signals is to subscribe, receive trade alerts in the form of a text message and implement same on the appropriate binary options platform.


Quantum Binary Signals gives prospective clients the opportunity to try out the signal services before taking the plunge. Therefore, prospective subscribers can get a 7-day free trial for just $9.99, after which an automatic charge of $99.99 a month is applied. Payments can be made on Clickbank with PayPal, Skrill and major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Amex). You can cancel this automatic bill at any time during the 7-day trial period.

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The Quantum Binary Signals team claims a profitability of 75% to 85% on a monthly basis. A particular trader who goes by the name of George Garoufalis, backtested the signals for a period of three months and found that the signals were able to achieve 72.5% historical profitability, which closely mirrors the claims on the Quantum Binary Signals site.

The team at Quantum Binary Signals believes in taking fewer trades of high quality a day, as this is the style of the hedge fund traders which it says are members of the trading team that send out the signals. About 25 trading signals are sent every month, as opposed to hundreds of signals. The strategy is therefore to send signals when there is better chance of profiting and lower chance of losing money (limiting risk). Clearly quality and not quantity is the driving force here.

It should however be noted that past performance is not an indicator of future events, and traders can evaluate the service using the free trial period.

Special Features

The special features of the Quantum Binary Signals service are as follows:

  • Signals delivered by Quantum Binary Signals are sent to the mobile phone via SMS. If you have access to a web-based platform or a mobile trading app from the broker, this makes it easy to implement the signals as they are received.
  • Subscribers also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, which returns the full amount paid for the service by unsatisfied subscribers. Money-back guarantees are truly a first when it comes to financial trading products and that is why this has been included as a special feature.

Customer Support

There are two ways of contacting the QuantumBinarySignals team; by using the contact form on the Contact Us page on their website or by using the email address at [email protected].


One thing that can be considered a disadvantage to using this service is the fact that signals are not sent at any specific time of the day. If a trader is far away from the computer, the only alternative is to trade with the mobile phone. There is also a need to reduce the amount of clutter on their website and add more content to make it more suitable for beginners who know very little about binary options to read and understand what this market is all about.


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